31 December 2010

It's a Beautiful Ride

Now that it's almost over, I can look back at 2010 and be truly astonished at how full and blessed and unexpected it was.

When the year started, I was nursing a broken heart and hoping for something that just wasn't gonna happen. Basically, my plan was to just hold on and keep moving forward. I was lucky to have amazing friends, especially NiNi and my Sweetheart to help me through and to listen to my angst.

Well, I guess he wasn't yet my Sweetheart, just one of my best friends, my "rock."

In April, my world flipped upside down again when my Sweetheart and I reunited after many years, this time for real and for good. Despite the whirlwind madness of moving and leaving my job and preparing for my new life, there were no doubts and we were wed in September. At a library. By a librarian. Of course.

In October, the world flipped again (no wonder I'm so dizzy some days!) when we learned that we are expecting a little person to join our family next June. After initial surprise, we are looking forward to meeting him (or her).

From feeling utterly desolate to genuine happiness in 12 short months...

The song that keeps running through my head this morning is "Beautiful Ride" by Dewey Cox. I guess even on sad days, I can remember, "It's about make a little music every day 'til you die / It's a beautiful ride."   (And, incidentally, that lyric always reminds me of Woody Guthrie.)

Here's to an amazing 2011 for all of us!


vphonegirl said...

Congrats on an amazing year!

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