23 December 2010

In the Grand Scheme of Things...

...my day wasn't that bad. I understand that. Still, it's been a rough day.

First of all, my attempts to make a Mocha Torte continued to fail. I do not understand. I have made the cake before and it has always turned out well. Sure, it was never as beautiful as the one's Tante Frieda made, but she has been making them for (literally) 70 years, so that's okay.

Nope. Not gonna happen for me this time. It ended up lopsided and sloppy looking. I am sure it *tastes* delicious, but I would be far too embarrassed to serve it to my Sweetheart's family on Christmas Day, our first Christmas together. It is also too expensive and labor intensive to just toss, so I will be taking it to my auntie's for Christmas Eve and saving the chocolate chip cheesecake I made for Christmas Day. Less impressive, but at least not hideous.

Then, after wrestling with that for a chunk of my at-home time (btw, it is currently in the freezer; I am hoping it freezes in place and doesn;t capsize altogether!), I was trying to get laundry done. I decided to wash the last pair of jeans I have that fits along with my winter hoodie and vest. I emptied all the pockets, threw the wash in and went back to the cake.

When I went down to put the wash in the dryer, I was horrified to see my cell phone in the washing machine. Oh. Shit.

Of course it wasn't working. Immediately I freaked out. I have *never* done anything so blatantly stoopid before. It's a new phone and I only work very part-time. How could I tell my Sweetheart that I screwed up like that? This Zombie Baby Eating My Brain crap is getting SO OLD.

By the time I found his number and texted him via the carrier's website, I was pretty worked up. Amazingly, he was sweet and understanding and calming. He promised it is all okay and we would get a new one first thing tomorrow. I just needed t have a cup of tea and call the store to check on hours,

The Verizon guy couldn't have been nicer. He got some info, gave me a web address and within 5 minutes, I had confirmation that my new phone will be here tomorrow. (Thank GOD we got the insurance!)

My Sweetheart called again to check on me and make sure I was okay and reiterated that I am to have some tea and take it easy. And so I shall.

But before I do, can I just say that I am fully cognizant of how ridiculously lucky I am to have such an amazing and wonderful Sweetheart? (Yes, he is lucky, too, but today I am focusing on how fantastic HE is.) I really do love him so!

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