21 December 2010

'Tis the Season to be Uber-Busy!

Baking, baking, baking! I decided to make an extra batch of my Sweetheart's favorite batch of M&M cookies so he can take some to work and we can share some without dipping into the special batch I made just for him (they are the only cookies I said he doesn't have to share). As soon as these cookies are done, I hope to get the cheesecake in the oven. That bakes for an hour, so it will buy me some time to get a few other things done - like shower, maybe? Perhaps read another chapter of The Phantom Tollbooth aloud to the Baby, too.

I started baking way later than I had planned today since I had some errands to run first. One of those errands included a visit to my niece, Payton. Yesterday, she was at the coffee shop while I was working. We were preparing for a luncheon, so she helped me put the silverware on all the tables. After the luncheon, the Red Hat Ladies were generous with tipping me (something I genuinely did not expect!). It seemed only fair to share a little of that with Pay-Pay.

I put a few dollars in a card and wrote her a note telling her that she had earned this money for working hard to help me. Then I went over to her house to tell her. Well, first of all, she was distracted because I had also brought her a few clementines (which she loves). She was excited that the card pictured Max of Where the Wild Things Are fame. I *think* she kind of "got it," but she is only 3, so maybe not quite. Right thing to do, though. I made sure to tell her that this was not a present, but something she had earned.

Speaking of presents, we have rather challenging neighbors next door. However, when I went out to shovel (carefully!) this morning, I was surprised to see that they had shoveled a path down the middle of our front walk - the entire way. I was so awed and touched by this Christmas generosity. After I shoveled our driveway and back walk, I put together a box of home made treats and left those with a note thanking them on their front porch. I do believe that everyone has the capacity to be good. Perhaps they are genuinely trying to be better neighbors. Kindness on both sides can only be a good thing.

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