12 June 2011

Baby's Room

Finally, the night before my estimated due date, we finished the Baby's room! Woo-hoo! I am completely in love with the room. We weren't trying to make a room that was specifically for a boy or a girl (even though someone told me it loooks like a Boy room). Rather, I chose all my favorites - the colors of the forest. I love, love, LOVE the colors and am, truth be told, a wee bit jealous of our new Little Person for getting to live here! :)

My Sweetheart has been a Rock Star, working hard to make sure everything was just so, especially since I ended up on temporary bed rest and wasn't allowed to do everything I would usually have helped with. His parents were also amazing - my MIL helped paint and bought me a beautiful rocking chair while my FIL put up all new trim. We are so lucky!

We still have a few book-related wall decals we may add to the slanty dormer part of the walls, but not quite yet. Also hoping to install a shelf or two on the walls over each cube shelving unit. But there's time for all of that.

The main thing is that the room is ready. Now all we need is for Tex to get here and move in!

My Sweetheart assembling a cubeical shelving unit for the Baby's room.

He was so proud when he finished getting the unit assembled. (I love that
the perspective from which I took this picture, coupled with the dormer
ceiling, makes my Sweetheart look like a giant in a dollhouse.)

I helped, too! Here I am organizing our cloth diaper stash and
showing my Sweetheart one of the Fuzzibunz diaper covers.

Looking at the West wall of the room; the crib was a generous gift from
our friends, the McChesney family, and I love how well it goes with
the panelled walls.
So happy to have original artwork by William Steig to hang for our Baby;
and I love the fancy changing pad Gram bought. That cubeical unit
is storing all our cloth diapering supplies for now.
The picture on the left is as you look in the door. My wonderful Mother-in-law
got me the rocking chair (and I love the soft blanket from our friend, KP).
On the right is the second cubeical unit. (Yeah, I know it seems I keep
spelling that wrong, but that's what it says on the box.) Board books and
Wild Things and giraffes and music... Good stuff for the Baby to grow on!

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