05 June 2011

One Week!

How Far Along?
39 weeks today - 7 days until my estimated due date. How insane is that?!?

Appts coming up?
NST appt on Monday and another NST/prenatal visit Friday. Of course either of those could be pre-empted by a Baby getting here before Sunday!

Thoughts about where you're at in your pregnancy?
It's so surreal to think we may have a new person here next Sunday! I will miss feeling Tex moving around; I wish Dads could have a 5-minute window of experiencing that. Not the part where the Baby kicks too hard or pinches or jumps on your bladder, but the cool sensation of a little person stretchng out and growing inside you.

What are you working on?
Finishing touches. I want to put contact paper in the dresser drawers this afternoon so I can put all the teeny clothes away. Then I have to bring all the toys/books/etc. up to the Baby's room and figure out where they will all go. Want to organize all the cloth diapering supplies. We still need a bookshelf, but it's not crucial to have before Tex gets here. We *do* want to get the rocking chair before that. There's a super short list of a few odds and ends to pick up. My Sweetheart will assemble the pack and play after I get all the other Baby stuff out of the dining room. Also the swing. And I may do some rearranging of furniture (or, more likely, supervise that). Still never made a labor playlist. Maybe I will, maybe not. I think I do want to make a brief playlist of songs to play after the Baby is here (ex: "Lord, Protect My Child" by Bob Dylan).

Complaints or worries?
Was told to give up and just accept my limited bedrest for the duration. Ugh. Not thrilled, but okay. Not the end of the world by any stretch. Much more troubling to me, I found out this week that my doctors' office will not let me go more than 4 days past my due date. I am really NOT happy to learn this. I asked what their policies on induction were at the beginning of the pregnancy and was told they try to avoid it. To find out when it's pretty much too late to change doctors that not only will they induce but that they will use pitocin (which I have adamantly, repeatedly said I want to avoid) pisses me off and scares me.

My understanding is that a normal pregnancy is not considered "too long" unless it goes past 42 weeks. Their time frame is 10 full days before that. Induction - especially using pitocin - can lead to all kinds of issues and I have heard horror stories and read research that shows the use of pitocin to advance labor can actually increase the chance of Caeserian section. C-section is one of my own personal worst-case scenarios.

Ultimately - of course - the goal is to get Tex here safely, but I am terrified of having an unneccessary C-section and have, in fact, had recent nightmares of doctors trying to force me to do just that. I want to do whatever is possible to reduce that risk, which has led me to start hoping the Baby is exactly on time or a few days early. I've had lots of "practice" contractions in the past few days, so I hope that's a good sign. Really annoyed to have this unexpected stress so late in the game!

Not so much.

Happy moments/blessings?
Went to see Bridesmaids finally. Wouldn't mind seeing it again once it's on dvd. Got a haircut (don't love it, but at least it's done). Had a dinner date with my Sweetheart Friday night. Nothing super fancy, but we even got a little dressed up and just enjoyed being together. My Sweetheart installed the carseat and put the stroller together. We also went shopping for a few more Baby things and were able to use gift cards and coupons to get some great deals (a $149 area rug for $80? Yep!). Put the sheet in the crib and got all our cute blankets packed in a bin under the crib so we can access them quickly. The in-laws came again yesterday and Dad H helpd finish the trim and they helped my Sweetheart move stuff. The computer cabinet was finally removed from Baby's room and the desktop moved downstairs. No more non-Baby stuff cluttering up our new person's space - yay!

Any fun things coming up?

Lunch with my Sweetheart and the in-laws at Five Guys this afternoon. Finishing Tex's room. Hope to get a pedicure maybe tomorrow. My sweet Brooke-Lynn's second birthday.
And, most exciting... A Baby!

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