29 May 2011

38 Weeks

Added this pic the day after
I wrote this entry - 38w, 1d
How Far Along?
38 weeks today - 14 days until my estimated due date,but could be up to 28 days yet.

Appts coming up?
NST appt on Tuesday and another NST/prenatal visit Friday.

Thoughts about where you're at in your pregnancy?
Looking forward to meeting Tex, but not in a rush for the pregnancy to be over. Want this Baby to keep baking as long as she/he needs to! Also, really glad I am only on modified bed rest. I HATE not going to work and being restricted in what I am allowed to do, but at least I can go out once in a while. Completely restricted bedrest (like my friend, B, had with her first pregnancy) would have driven me stark, raving mad!

What are you working on?
We got a great Baby book at the thrift store, so I have been filling out the parts of that it's possible to do before the Baby gets here.  I've been doing a little laundry at a time. Went through the 10 boxes of children's books I have packed away and pulled out a few (most are developmentally a year or two away). Been cheering on my Sweetheart and in-laws as they work to get Tex's room ready (while I sit like a slug - ugh).

Complaints or worries?
Sleepy, sleepy, sleepy. Need to take advantage of the bedrest by napping more. Want Tex to stay put at *least* two more weeks.

Not much.

Happy moments/blessings?
My Sweetheart and Mother-in-Law finished painting the room on Thursday. Yesterday, my Father-in-Law came over and they put up all new trim. My Sweetheart set up the crib - it's starting to look like a real bedroom! :)  At our growth ultrasound on Monday, everything looked great. Baby is active and weighs about 6 pounds 9 ounces; will probably be under 7 pounds at birth, which is fine with me! My step-brother, Scott, and his wife, Kristen, welcomed their little boy, Christian Arthur to the world (29 days early!) - so cute; just wish they lived closer. Also, Gram was moved to a rehab facility, so we'll see what happens there. she doesn't seem to have much more energy, but there was nothing else to really be done at the hospital... Got some cool cards from postcrossing.com.

Any fun things coming up?
If I can muster up the energy, I hope to go to Half-Price Books tomorrow to get a few more board books. A visit to Gram on Tuesday. May order the throw rug for Tex's room. We still need to get a bookshelf and maybe a shelf or two for the wall, too. Looking forward to my Sweetheart being off work again so we can finish the room (sadly, that's not until Thursday), but there are a few smaller things I can start doing up there - put away some clothes, air out the mattress and wash the crib sheets, etc. Got permission from dr to go to the movies, so may go see Bridesmaids Tuesday or Wednesday. Want to bask in the sunshine if it truly does return, as promised. Also pleased that The Boy may come cut our grass tomorrow - not just because our lawn is way too long, but because I miss that kid! Also hoping for complete release from bedrest on Tuesday; I honestly think they are being overly cautious!

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