15 May 2011

One More Month!

Payton Raine can't wait
to meet her new cousin!
How Far Along?

36 weeks today - only 28 days to go!

Appts coming up?
Had to cancel one of my NST appointments (because after scheduling me at 9:45am they now want me to come in late afternoon, which will not work since I made plans around the appointment). I still have an NST and a prenatal visit on Friday. Since every ther NST has been "beautiful" until now, I am not concerned.

Thoughts about where you're at in your pregnancy?
Love feeling Tex kick and move. A little panicked about how much still has to be done and how little I am able to just do myself, though.

What are you working on?
I have a huge list for today. Ordered a crib mattress and tub this morning. Washing a few teeny clothes right now. Realized we have pretty much no clothing before size 6-9 months (except two sleep gowns I bought yesterday and 1 onesie), so I am going to have to do some shopping later this week. Today I hope to clean out the closet in Tex's room, wash the walls down, tape all the trim, clean the floor and maybe start painting (trying to decide if it will be worth the shitstorm from my Sweetheart if I do that part - it may be. I need it done!).

Complaints or worries?
Really worried that there is only a month until the estimated due date and there is nowhere for the Baby to sleep yet. Worst case scenario, I could set up the Pack and Play for a bit, but I would feel way better and way less stress if the room was done. It makes me want to throw up every time I think about it. Also tested positive for group B strep which, while not uncommon, means I have to have an antiobiotics IV throughout labor. Ugh. Also serious guilt that I am not going to visit Gram today, but I am beyond exhausted and have so much to do...


Happy moments/blessings?
Was relieved to realize that we had more than enough gift card credit to order some crucial items (mattress, tub, second curtain for Tex's room). It's been nice to see my brother, Jim, even if what brought him here is Gram's illness. Loved helping at the OneSight Vision clinic this past Monday. I got to spend the day with kids (which of course I turned into lots of book chat! ;) and even saw some of *my* park kids. It was pretty awesome to have them walk in, realize they knew me, and light up.

Any fun things coming up?
OneSight clinic again tomorrow. Jim will be hanging out with us on Tuesday before we take him to the airport, which should be fun. Dinner with our friend, KP, on Thursday. Everything else feels stressful and not fun at all.

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Christina said...

I'm 36 weeks today too. It's hard to believe we're almost there! Have fun setting up the room.