01 May 2011

Numbers: The Chaos

When I got the galley of Numbers by Rachel Ward last year, it blew me away. I didn't realize it was the first book in an intended trilogy until a friend mentioned that the sequel was coming. Eee! I placed my hold and waited anxiously.

Numbers: The Chaos lives up to the promise of the first book. Adam has inherited his mother's strange, curselike "gift" - when he looks into someone's eyes, he sees the date of their death. Even more, he feels what that person will feel at the moment of their death, whether it is a sense of peace as they slip into eternal sleep or the searing pain of a more violent end.

After moving to London with his grandmother, Adam cannot help noticing that the same number is showing up in a large number of the eyes he sees - 01012027. New Year's Day. What could possibly be fated to happen on that day that will claim so many lives? Is there anything he can do to prevent it? And who is Sarah, the lovely young women who he sees will die many years in the future, a peaceful death with Adam by her side, but who currently believes Adam is from her nightmares and flees from him in terror?

I couldn't put down this gripping story. While I didn't entirely love the ending, I am still eager to learn how the whole story will play out - so much so that I suspect I may splurge and purchase book 3 from the UK this summer instead of waiting for another year for it to come to these shores. Highly recommend.

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