08 May 2011

Roller Coaster...

Gram seems to be doing much better tonight. It's so hard to know what to expect right now. This morning I was sure she would not be here to meet the Baby. Now, I'm not sure. She still says she is tired and sick of fighting. I know she told one of my siblings she is ready to go and he told her that it's okay, but tonight she was in better spirits overall. Part of that may be because she was able to see or speak to all her kids and grandkids. She even got to Skype with my brother in Arizona (she told me about it multiple times).

It's such a roller coaster of emotion right now. Of course I want her to stay with us a while longer, but I also don't want her to linger in pain any longer than she has to. The only thing to do now is to take one day at a time and appreciate Gram while she is with us.

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