01 May 2011

Only 6 weeks to go!

How Far Along?

Today marks 34 weeks. Only 6 weeks until Tex's estimated due date!

Appts coming up?
Still get to go for fetal non-stress tests twice a week - yay. Friday I also have a "regular" visit with the doctor. We're definitely in the home stretch here!

Thoughts about where you're at in your pregnancy?
Getting close! I am very hopeful that Tex will continue to cook in there until she/he is ready. It feels both like June 12 will never get here and like it will be here before we blink!

What are you working on?
We finally bought the paint for Baby's room today. of course, my Sweetheart has no more weekend time off until the Sunday before Memorial Day - eek! I think I am going to start taping the trim in the room and see if we can get the furniture moved. Personally, I think I could do the darned painting y own self, as long as the furniture is out of the way!

Complaints or worries?
Nothing new. A little heartburn tonight, but that's all. Doing well, overall.

Still citrus juices - which I am still limiting because of the insane amounts of sugar. Really wanted a chocolate shake a little earlier this week, which my Sweetheart brought home for me, because he's awesome.

Happy moments/blessings?
SUNSHINE yesterday and today! Woot! Was able to help my Sweetheart with yardwork today (despite his objections, he did let me do some stuff!) and made it to the hardware store before they closed for paint. This was after an exceptionally lazy morning spent reading a brainless novel in bed and a late lunch.

Went to CPL Tuesday night, where I heard Rafael Lopez present to the fabulous Kraft Great Kids families. Besides the fantasticness of the program itself, it was also good to see and hug my former boss and chat with old friends. I have missed the library and my team there SO MUCH!

Had a prenatal massage Friday (courtesy of a Christmas gift certificate from my amazing in-laws). Had a fun visit with my teeny nieces at the shop on Wednesday. (Brooke-Lynn entertains me to no end. I had made the girls a snack and was eating some breakfast myself. I left them alone and went to the kitchen for a minute to take banana bread out of the oven. When I returned, my plate had been moved and the Swiss cheese was missing. I looked at Brooke-Lynn who stared back at me solemnly, cheeks poofy and mouth full of Swiss. I asked her if she stole my cheese and she just nodded.)

FINALLY caught up on writing book reviews tonight - if you scroll down below you will see seven new reviews. Hoping to stay on top of that a little better. Also sent out five postcards for the postcrossing.com project this week. (Reminds me, need to update my 101 Things blog, too. Maybe not tonight, though.)

Tonight, the President announced that Osama bin Laden has been killed. I actually feel somewhat bad that I am relieved by the death of any other human being. Still, considering all the pain he has caused to so many thousands of other people - of all faiths - it is hard NOT to feel relief that he is gone and hope that his absence will make peace more attainable. I am mindful of all the sacrifices made by the servicemen and women from the US and UK (and their families) to lead to this announcement. And while I know there will always be dangers, I am happy my child will be born into a world without bin Laden. I continue to pray for peace and that our nation does not become too arrogant.

Any fun things coming up?
Going to have dinner with the in-laws tomorrow. Also hoping to visit Gram tomorrow. We have our first Lamaze class Wednesday night. Woo-hoo! Want to go to Cone Cottage with my Sweetheart sometime before he goes back to work. Friday night going to CPL to see the hilarious and talented Mo Willems (and, even better, lots of library friends). If any theater even remotely near me was playing Jane Eyre, I would try to go see that, too.

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