22 May 2011


How Far Along?
37 weeks today - That's officially full-term. Hooray! Due date is 3 weeks from now, but could be up to 5 weeks still.

Appts coming up?
Going for a growth ultrasound tomorrow, then an NST/dr appt on Tuesday and anothr NST Friday.

Thoughts about where you're at in your pregnancy?
Love feeling Tex kick and move. I have really enjoyed most of this pregnancy (could have done without heartburn and occasional aches).

What are you working on?
Right now? Nothing. I am on temporary bedrest, so not doing a whole heck of a lot except being frustrated at what I cannot do. Will probably order some stuff from our Amazon.com and Babies R Us registries using the completion coupons and gift cards we've received.

Complaints or worries?
Still exhausted, which is probably what led to a brief scare we had Wednesday night. Without going into detail, we ended up visiting Labor & Delivery after speaking to a nurse on the phone. All was well. I am healthy and the Baby had a dance party on the monitor, but that has led to my bedrest until Tuesday morning - I am hoping to be off house arrest after that! I feel so guilty for just sitting on my ass while other people work. Also have guilt around not being able to visit Gram. (On the positive side, heading to the hospital in the middle of the night was a good practice run; we had the bags ready and both stayed really calm.)

Also, yesterday, my mother (in Las Vegas) had a stroke and is in the hospital awaiting surgery on her carotid artery, so praying for her, too.

Been liking popsicles a great deal. Of course, part of that may be because they always get Tex moving!

Happy moments/blessings?
Have I mentioned how lucky I am to have a Rock Star husband and an awesome Mother-in-Law? On Wednesday (pre-bedrest), Mom H came over and helped me wash all the walls in the Baby's room. Thursday, my Sweetheart taped all the trim and Friday, he and his mom painted Tex's room. It needs a second coat of paint (the room is paneled), but it already looks awesome. The second coat will have to wait until my Sweetheart is off work again - probably next Thursday - but I am pretty sure the Baby's room can be finished by next weekend. Yay!

Any fun things coming up?
Release from bedrest (just in time for the weather to turn crappy again, natch) would be great! I would LOVE to go back to work Wednesday morning. Really wanted to see Bridesmaids this weekend. That didn't happen, so maybe sometime this next week. Bob Dylan's 70th birthday is Tuesday, so that's a good excuse to play some of my favorite music. :)  Maybe I can make a playlist to take with me for labor.

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