21 June 2011

The best laid schemes o' Mice an' Men...

Last night I typed a hugely long novel-length post about our forced failed induction this weekend past. After spending hours on it, I lost half the text while trying to post. Arrrgh! I planned to rewrite and post today. And I still may get around to it, but not tonight.

My Sweetheart and I went to the Doctor today to discuss the events of the weekend and to consider our options for the future. Dr A was very patient and kind and took a lot of time with us, answering every question we had.

Tomorrow, Tex will be 10 days past due. Despite the many interventions we endured over the weekend (2 12-hour rounds of Cervidil, membrane sweep and maxing out on 15 hours of Pitocin), I am still only dilated 1 cm. We could attempt another induction, but it is not likely it would be effective at this point and, while I am very comfortable with having a 42 week pregnancy I know that after that, things get a little dicey.

After much discussion (and asking the Dr what he would advise his wife or daughter), we have scheduled a C-section for 8am tomorrow. It is not what we would have ideally chosen, but it seems the best and safest option and we are at peace with this decision.

I have to say, I expected to be devastated that I will not be able to bring my child into this world through the natural unmedicated I wanted. And - I cannot lie - I am somewhat disappointed. However, I also know how lucky I am.

I loved being pregnant. Every bit of it was lovely (except the heartburn). And, no matter if the path I take to get there is not the one I would have chosen, it looks like I still get the Dream Happy Ending: a Healthy Mama and a Healthy Baby with the Love of My Life. Seriously. How can I complain about that?

Thanks to everyone for your continued support, prayers and positive energy. Can't wait to introduce y'all to Tex soon!

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Meg G said...

I too wanted a completely unmedicated birth, but the stress of back labour was too much for me. I wouldn't have had the strength or will to push if I hadn't gone with a last minute epidural.

I thought I would have been disappointed in myself afterwards, but knowing I made the best decision to prevent distress for both of us eased my mind. Hopefully you can find the same peace.