12 June 2011

Happy EDD to Us!

How Far Along?
I am 40 weeks today - the Estimated Due Date.

Appts coming up?
I am seeing the chiropractor on Monday morning, an NST on Tuesday and another NST/prenatal visit Friday - all providing Tex doesn't come before any of these!

Thoughts about where you're at in your pregnancy?
I'm not even sure today. I am so grateful that everything has gone well thus far and that I will avoid induction a while longer. I would really like Tex to come on her/his own, so I'm a little anxious about getting that to happen.

What are you working on?
Not much. I have some non-baby related household chores to finish (laundry, oragnize the front closet, etc.). I have a list of books I need to write reviews for. Overall, though, there isn't anything pressing.

Complaints or worries?
I am grateful that induction is off the table for now, but I would love Tex to just not dilly-dally so it doesn't become an issue again. Whatever is best to get us a healthy Baby is so key, though. Two of the regular posters on The Bump board I am most active on had heartbreaking losses of full-term baby girls this past week. One woman knew her little girl had a heart problem, though of course she never dreamed that her beautiful child's heart would not survive the labor process. The other mother had no reason to suspect any problem at all, until it was too late and her precious little girl was gone. Reading their stories this week broke my heart; I cannot even imagine what they are going through and pray that I will never know. It also made me a little bit scared and anxious for Tex to get here safely and soon. Trying to not think about it too much and just get some rest and be ready for our new little person.

Not so much. Not very hungry in general, though making sure to eat regularly.

Happy moments/blessings?
The Baby's room is done! Woo-hoo! (I'll post some pictures later.) The car seat is in. Got a pedicure Tuesday and then went to visit my sweet little nieces. As I was leaving, Brooke-Lynn said "Bye, Baby!" and patted my belly. Tex kicked her back and the look of surprise on her face was the best; wish I had had my camera ready!

Friday would have been my Grandpa's 86th Birthday. He and I had a special relationship and I always visit Gram on his birthday, so I made sure to get to the rehab facility. As always on that day, I brought her red roses (Grandpa's favorite). It's sad that Tex won't know my Grandpa, but I suspect we'll see some of Grandpa in the Baby. (Heck, in the ultrasound picture, it looks like we might be seeing Grandpa's nose soon!)

A huge blessing was at my doctor's appointment Friday. The Baby had been a little slow the night before and I was a teensy bit worried, but when it came time to hook us up to the machine, all was well and active. When the doctor came in, it was the doctor I have seen the least of the four who are part of the practice. He said, "Everything looks fantastic. I read your birth plan and since you want to go natural, there's no point doing anything else right now." Wha?? I told him that the other doctor had insisted I would have to be induced at 4 days past my due date, but he said there was no reason for that since I am healthy and have had no problems at all. I was so relieved! In fact, since I wasn't even 40 weeks, he didn't even do an internal! Woo to the hoo!

I saw a chiropractor this past week, too. My former (AMAZING!!!) chiropractor, Dr. D suggested accupressure to help encourage labor. Sadly, since I have moved, Dr. D's office is well over an hour away from me now. BUT, she is so awesome, she found me a doctor whose office I am actually able to walk to who would work with me. I went Thursday and sat down to talk to her for a bit. On Thursday she aligned me a bit. She said that if everything is lined up perfectly, it is easier for the Baby to get into the perfect position. Makes sense to me. She also recommended I start taking Evening Primrose Oil right away.

I had a follow-up appointment on Friday. More alignment and some accupressure. I was eager for accupuncture, but she doesn't like to start accupuncture before actual due date. I understand that. I have another appointment Monday morning and I hope I get some accupuncture then. My hope is that this appointment will help encourage labor to start and that we'll have a Baby here by Tuesday or Wednesday. Otherwise, I suspect induction will be discussed again on Friday. Fingers crossed.

Any fun things coming up?
Maybe not fun, but looking forward to the chiropractor tomorrow.

And, most exciting... A Baby! (And my Sweetheart's first Father's Day. :)

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