08 June 2011

Estimates and Ultimatums

39 weeks 3 days
The more I think about the possibility of being induced at 40 weeks 4 days, the more annoyed I get. As I was explaining to a friend the other day, I understand that sometimes there is a medical reason to induce - if the ultrasound showed low fluid levels or placental deterioration or if I had pre-eclampsia or gestational diabetes or any number of other reasons. However, the doctors have said that there is absolutely *no* risk associated with this pregnancy - except that I am old.

Well, okay, maybe they didn't use the word "old." The euphenism is "of advanced maternal age." Which means that, apparently, I am the Cryptkeeper. (I have recently been told by a few nurses and doctors alike that the American Pregnancy Association is planning to change the "advanced maternal age" marker to 40. Until then, though, I am labeled.)

It's just frustrating. I have felt relatively stress-free throughout this pregnancy. I have been extraordinarily blessed with an easy 40 weeks - no morning sickness or excessive pain. Yeah, I have been exhausted and had a little heartburn and haven't slept through an entire night in months because my hips hurt at night, but none of those things has seemed really "bad" to me. I have enjoyed being pregnant and growing Tex. I have felt no fear or stress about having a med-free birth. Is it gonna hurt? Yeah, I assume it will. But it will not last forever and the payout will be a beautiful little person that is part of me and part of the man I first fell in love with 17+ years ago. It's pretty amazing.

Now though, as we reach the home stretch, I am feeling stress about the possibility of unneccessary medical interventions and the introduction of drugs I have no desire to experience (let alone have our Baby exposed to). Arrgh! I was pefectly happy to let Tex come when she/he is ready; now I am anxious that the Baby is on time or even a day or so early.


I have an appointment for accupuncture that is meant to help encourage labor on Thursday afternoon (3 days pre-due date). I have been walking up and down the stairs a lot, eating spicy foods, looking for other Old Wives' Tales about inducing/encouraging labor - within reason. I still want both Tex and I to be healthy and safe and have no plans to use some of the methods that seem a little more risky to me, stuff like large doses of Castor Oil.

The good news is that I have had more - and stronger - "practice" contractions the past few days, so hopefully that's a sign that Baby is on the way. Gram is pretty sure it will start coming sometime tomorrow since the temp will drop dramatically and thunderstorms are predicted. That would be okay. Sweet Brooke-Lynn's birthday is tomorrow, so it would be nice if Baby got a different day, but Friday would be good. (Actually, Friday would be ideal - it is Grandpa Kalweit's birthday - he would have been 86 this year - and that would give my Sweetheart the maximum number of paid days off.)

Keep your fingers crossed for us that induction can be avoided and - more importantly - that everyone is healthy!


Meg G said...

I`m really hoping to avoid being induced as well. We discussed it today, and if he`s not here by my 39 week appointment next Wednesday, we`re setting a date within a day or two of my due date.

Is your doctor going to try stripping your membranes? We did mine today (38w3d), and I'm definitely getting crampy from it!

Miss Katharine said...

I don't think they're planning to strip my membranes; it's been hard to get any real info regarding the possible induction (ugh). It is my understanding, though, that since I am GBS positive thatstripping the membranes increases the potential for infection. REALLY praying that the accupuncture works! Good luck to you, too!