06 February 2011

22 Weeks!

How Far Along?

22 weeks today.

Appts coming up?
Quick check-in with the OB on Friday.

Thoughts about where you're at in your pregnancy?
Still at that weird place - I still haven't fully "popped" and am not sure I've really felt the Baby, but my belly is definitely growing harder and everything seems good.

What are you working on?
Trying to finalize the list of names and addresses to give those hosting showers for the Baby. Not (entirely) Baby-related, my Sweetheart inspired me to create a list of 101 Things to Do in 1001 Days, so I am starting that tomorrow and blogging the experience.

Complaints or worries?
Not much Baby-related. Really wish I was feeling Tex move around, but the Baby was great on the ultrasound, so I guess nothing to do but wait.

Pizza! Really want some sushi right now, too.

Happy moments/blessings?
We saw the Baby on Thursday, which was awesome! Looks like Tex is doing just fine and dandy! Also, my Sweetheart met another dad-to-be online whose wife is due around the same time as me and they've become e-pals, so that makes me happy; it's nice for him to have someone in a similar boat to talk to.

Any fun things coming up?
Another busy week ahead. Monday, I am going downtown for CPL's annual Best of the Best program; Jon Scieszka will be there, which is cool. My brother is coming to paint the front room, so it will be nice for the house to be put back together after that. Get to pick up a cd with ultrasound pictures this week. Rescheduled dinner with KP on Friday. Zoe's first birthday party on Saturday.


vphonegirl said...

ooh. Which hospital did your ultra sound. I am wondering if Northshore does the cd too?

Miss Katharine said...

We had our ultrasound done with Women's HealthCare of Illinois (Dr. Ambrose) in Orland. I called ahead of time to ask if that was a possibility. The ultrasound tech couldn't have been nicer and told me it would be ready in a week, after the doctor had a chance to review everything.