08 February 2011

Between Sisters

Gloria has just failed almost all her exams, passing only needlework and art. At sixteen, she is all but illiterate, unable to read and write almost entirely. She is afraid about the lack of opportunity for her and decides that she will learn to sew and become a seamstress. Before she can make concrete plans for this, her Aunt Ruby approaches with a solution - her cousin is a Somebody, a doctor who requires a nanny and housekeeper. If Gloria works for Dr. Christine for two years, sewing school will be paid for and she will have the chance to rise from the ranks of Nobodies.

Gloria loves working for Christine, referring to her as a "sister" and loves Christine's young son, too. She makes some new friends (including a handsome young doctor) and joins a band with a church youth group. However, some of the "friends" she makes begin to take advantage and when money goes missing in Christne's home, Gloria begins to question what it means to be family and whether keeping secrets is worth the cost it can incur.

Set in modern Ghana, Between Sisters by Adwoa Badoe is an engaging look at a teen across the world who faces the challenges of growing up head-on. Highly recommended.

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