13 February 2011

23 Weeks

How Far Along?

23 weeks today.

Appts coming up?
None until March 15th.

Thoughts about where you're at in your pregnancy?
More than halfway there. It's all good - even the sleepiness and sore hips and hormonal roller coaster are all a-okay if they mean the Baby is growing and healthy.

What are you working on?
Working on my list of 101 Things in 1001 Days. Washing all the floors to get the house back to normal after the plaster and paint work. Need to make dog treats this week so the puppy doesn't feel neglected.

Complaints or worries?
Not too much. Just found out maybe I should not be eating tuna at all, so have to find out about that. It gets frustrating that I cannot do certain things (painting, shoveling blizzard snow, moving furniture) that I always did for myself before. But overall, everything is good.

Pizza, still! Would like a beer. Really want some sushi right now, too.

Happy moments/blessings?
I started feeling Tex move this week! In fact, yesterday morning, the Baby woke me up before 6am, apparently having a dance party! Baby's heartbeat was strong at the dr appt Friday. I finally met the final dr in our practice; and really liked him. I spent Monday at CPL, where I got many hugs and heard about tons of great books and saw Jon Scieszka present a highly entertaining program. My Sweetheart and I attended a first birthday party for my friend's daughter and I got to introduce him to the Morgan clan - one of my favorite families in the world.

Any fun things coming up?
Well, tomorrow is Valentine's Day, but my Sweetheart is on overnights, so I suspect it will be seriously low-key. I plan to bake some brownies for my Sweetheart tonight (pretty sure he won't be reading this beforehand ;). Tomorrow, I get to pick up a disc with pictures from the last ultrasound and am finally going to the Belly Factory to look at diaper bags. We're getting a new tv delivered Friday. Maybe the Auto Show next weekend. Life is crazy busy, but I am very blessed.


vphonegirl said...

Can you post your recipe for dog treats?

Miss Katharine said...

Absolutely. I'll post it now!