20 February 2011

24 Weeks or, V is for Viability!

How Far Along?

24 weeks today.

Appts coming up?
None until March 15th.

Thoughts about where you're at in your pregnancy?
Super excited to have reached 24 weeks. 24 weeks is commonly considered the age of viability. So if - God forbid - Tex came early, he/she would have a great chance of survival. Of course, I want Tex to stay in there for another 16 weeks, but it's a relief to know we've made it to this developmental milestone.

What are you working on?
Working on my list of 101 Things in 1001 Days. Figuring out when we will have the nursery painted and what needs to be done before then (i.e., moving the cat's litter box, switching dressers, finding a new home for the desktop computer...)

Complaints or worries?
Pretty wicked sciatica today, but since Tex is healthy and growing, everything is worth it.

Pizza, forever! Would like a beer. Really want some sushi right now, too. And cherries. And some citrus - really want some ice cold fresh pineapple.

Happy moments/blessings?
Very cognizant of how amazing my Sweetheart is and of how lucky we are to be together, waiting for Tex to join us. Lovely breakfast at a new coffee shop with my friend, B and made plans to try a new local tea house next week with . Had fun splurging at Borders yesterday and exploring the Auto Show today.

Any fun things coming up?
Hanging with my Sweetheart tomorrow. Lunch with A on Tuesday. Another visit with Gram some time during the week... Maybe other stuff, but my brain is getting super fuzzy again the last few days...

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