15 February 2011

Good Night, Tweetheart

Abby Donovan is in a rut. Her first novel was well-received, receiving an endorsement from Oprah and coming thisclose to winning the Pulitzer Prize. That, however, was four years ago. Now she's becoming withdrawn, not venturing from her room at the Plaza very often, stuck on Chapter Five of her second novel, about to get fired by her publisher.
When her publicist  sets her up with a Twitter account, Abby is intrigued. Soon she finds herself drawn into a Tweeting relationship with Mark, an English professor who has taken a year's sabbatical to travel the world and write the Mediocre American Novel. 140 characters at a time, Abby and Mark get to know each other, each gradually letting down carefully consturcted barriers until a secret that threatens everything they have been building is revealed.

Goodnight, Tweetheart by Teresa Medeiros was a cute novel with an intriguing premise. While the characters are not as fully drawn as they could be (a neccessity since we learn about them through their tweeting relationship, I suppose), it was a quick and pleasant read, sure to be enjoyed by readers of contemporary romantic fiction.

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