29 December 2003

Library Busy-ness

Well, if I have any readers left at all after that hiatus, I apologize for the dearth of new material here. It has been a busy few weeks here at the library (never mind all the personal running around the holidays bring). We had a horrificially bad winter concert at job #1 (what amazes me is that he has performed here four times previously; has played his last show here!), followed by a wildly successful winter craft program (we had 43 attendees, which appears to be some kind of record based on the YS staff reaction I got).

Today is our first annual all-day film festival. This first year, we are doing animated Disney films, one from each decade of Disney feature-length animation, beginning with Snow White (playing as I type this). It will be interesting to see what kind of turnout we get here. I did this at my previous job and we had close to 200 attendees, but that was a community with way more latch-key kids, which I am sure added to our numbers. (Parents sometimes read "all day film festival" and see "free all day babysitting). So far I have 4 people in there, but it's only been 15 minutes, so...

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