05 December 2003

No lectures for me!

Yesterday, before my yoga class, Odysseus (my little purple Escort) was workin' just fine. After class, though, he was ill. No heat -- or, indeed, air of any kind -- was blowing through my vents. Of course, yesterday was the first really cold day we had.


So, I called the dealership where mine uncle (a master mechanic) works, made an appointment for early this morning, and prepared for another, "you need a new car"lecture.

I know my uncle loves me and has my best interests at heart, but still. Yeah, okay, so Odysseus is 7 (almost 8) years old and has nearly 150,000 miles on him. So what? He runs pretty well most days and I love him. Besides which, at this point, I'm not getting any money for him, anyway, so why not drive him 'til he just cain't no more?

Plus, I really want a hybrid, and Ford doesn't make one yet, so...

(I used this argument with my uncle last time and he informed me that Ford will have a hybrid out next year. An SUV. Before I could react, The Boy piped up: "An SUV?! Have you even met Katharine?" Hee.)

Basically, I was readying myself to hear another refrain of the "Betray Odysseus" tune.


It was just a bad wire. My car was fixed in 15 minutes. It cost me $9.

So there! Odysseus rocks!

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