29 December 2003

Love Actually

I went last night with a friend to see Love Actually at the awesome little Town Theatre. I had expected it to be a mildly entertaining piece of fluff, but found that I really liked it. A lot. Way better than Mona Lisa Smile, which I saw last week. It was funny and sweet and everything that a good romantic comedy should be. (Though, to be fair, I am a sucker for a good -- or even fairly mediocre -- romantic comedy.) Not all of the love stories ended in the standard "happily ever" fairy tale way, but the film satisfied me. I left feeling happy.

The film actually fit in well with my mood over the last few weeks. I'm not quite sure how to articulate it without coming across at least a wee bit unbalanced, so I will just come out and say it. I have been absolutely in love. What makes this odd is that there is no one particular person I am in love with. I just go through my days feeling like I am in love with the world.

This isn't some idealistic "aren't people grand?" thing. Some people are crap, a fact of which I am all too aware. But overall, I just feel in love. I don't know quite how else to explain it...

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