29 December 2003

What will Ken say?

Naked pictures of Barbie have been protected by a court in San Francisco. The photos are part of an exhibit called (Illegal Art) that seems to be garnering some press. I can see where some artists would be upset at the hijacking of their images by the new exhibit. On the other hand, it seems to be a fascinating show and one of the dangers of creating instantly recognizable characters is that those same characters may well be used later for social commentary. (Hee. I like the Prozac stamps. I wonder if using them would calm you down? That'd be the way to ensure a renaissance of personal correspondence by mail!)

NOTE: Yes, I realize I linked to the Viagra stamps, not the Prozac. Freudian slip? I don't think so. But when I went back to fix it, I was unable to get the Prozac picture, but the Viagra one came right up. (Heh.) So, whatever.

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