16 January 2011

19 Week Update

So, today marks 19 weeks. In theory, only 147 days to go (although Tex will come in his/her own sweet time). So, let's update the little form I found...

1. How Far Along?
19 weeks today.

2. Boy/Girl/Names?
Still calling the Baby "Tex." We're discussing "real" names, but will likely not share until we introduce the Baby to everyone.

3. Appts coming up?
Need to talk to dr's office tomorrow to schedule anatomy scan. Really hoping we can do that this week.

4. Thoughts about where you're at in your pregnancy?
Okay, I am definitely looking pregnant now, which is a relief since I was feeling like I only looked fat! Almost none of my dresses are fitting me now; need to get one or two maternity skirts and a pair of tights.

5. What are you working on?
Lots of research on having a natural childbirth in a hospital setting. I may start listening to the hypnobirthing cd tonight. I am determined to do this drug-free. Yes, I know it will hurt, but the pain will be finite and I'ma tough cookie and pretty stubborn!

6. Complaints or worries?
It's a little nerve-making to be responsible for growing this little person. I have not yet felt movement (which the dr assures me is normal with a first pregnancy), so I really have to take it on faith that everything is going well in there. A few nights before my last appointment, I was reading a pregnancy forum I participate in and someone said she had gone for a 17 week checkup and found that the baby no longer had a heartbeat. I offered her my most heartfelt sympathies, but also found myself very spooked. I was beyond relieved when Tex's heartbeat was loud and clear and strong at the next appointment.

7. Cravings?
The desire for pizza hasn't waned. Still eating sweet potatoes often. Thrilled that I got more cherries. And, strangely, gummi bears. I have to stop that. I haven't had those in a really long time but suddenly started oinking them down this week. Not buying any more! (Thank goodness most of my cravings are relatively healthy.)

8. Happy moments/blessings?
Hearing the heartbeat on Friday was a comfort and a joy. It was fantastic to see real Muppets and more at the Jim Henson exhibit and awe-inspiring to see a fetus that was one day older than our baby - it is just amazing that a perfect little person is growing inside me!  I also love how my 3-year-old niece, Payton, likes to wave at my tummy and say "Hi, Baby!" now. Today she asked me if she could see the baby; I explained that as soon as the Baby comes out, she can come visit.

9. Any fun things coming up?
Hmm... Besides just chilling with my Sweetheart? I may try to visit The Belly Factory; not for an electrive ultrasound but to check out some of the fancy diaper bags. Also looking forward to seeing Tex at the anatomy scan, whenever that may be.

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