04 January 2011

How My Sweetheart Did Not Go To Jail

This was definitely an eventful and exciting day. We were determined to go to Babies R Us to see some of the Baby gear we'll need in real life, maybe make a few decisions. We went armed with our library copy of Baby Bargains: Secrets to Saving 20% to 50% on Baby Furniture, Equipment, Clothes, Toys, Maternity Wear and Much, Much More!, a spiral notebook and pen, and an apple (I knew I'd need an eventual snack!).

I think we were both nervous and when we walked in, we were pretty overwhelmed. We decided tp just go aisle by aisle and see what happened. We took notes on things we think we might like, consulting Baby Bargains every few minutes. Choosing a car seat and stroller was fun, especially taking the strollers for test drives, practicing collapsing them, etc. We don't know that we're going to find out the gender (or share if we do), so we chose something gender-neutral.

We had made a deal to spend no more than $100 today, preferably way less since we know we need to make a registry. No worries. My Sweetheart bought Baby his/her first Converse All-Star sneakers and that was all we got.

After a quick lunch out (BRU ate up about 2 hours of our day), we had to go grocery shopping. As soon as we left Aldi, we came to a red light. Stopped and I read bits of the Baby Bargains book out loud to my Sweetheart when...


Someone rear-ended us, pretty hard.

We felt okay, besides me being seriously freaked out and foul-mouthed.

My Sweetheart stayed remarkably calm, although he was completely furious. He called the police who asked us to pull into the Walgreens parking lot while they sent an officer.

We did and the idiot who hit us followed. When we got there, said yahoo lowered his window and asked if we wanted to get out and take a look at the car. My Sweetheart said no, no until the police arrived. Throughout, he stayed completely calm, which helped me calm down.

To understand how great his even temper was, understand that he can occasionally have a wicked temper, especially if he feels that me and the Baby are threatened in any way. Just last week, he blew a gasket at some asshole who ran us off the road and almost hit us.


The police came and we all learned that the kid who hit us has no license, no current insurance papers, and wasn't even driving his own car.

The officer couldn't have been nicer and, when we left, the kid's friend's car was being towed and he was a guest of the Merrilville Police Department. Our car was pretty okay, save a broken license plate holder, though we will take it in to the shop for a checkup.

We finished off the grocery shopping with one more stop and headed home.

I am so grateful that me and the Baby - and my husband - are fine and that my Sweetheart is a Total Rock Star who didn't waste his energy punching the kid who hit us.

I think we need to celebrate with a calm evening watching some tv and eating some Starbucks ice cream. Here's hoping the rest of the week is uneventful!

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