30 January 2011


When Phoebe first sees the strange new girl in seventh grade she finds herself strangely drawn to her, so much so that she finds the strength to desert the bitchy clique of popular girls she had been a part of to forge a close friendship with Mallory. Despite their bond, it isn't until 4 years later that Phoebe learns about the existemce of Mallory's older half-brother, Ryland and begins a dangerous relationship with him. Conversations between the Faerie Queen, Mallory and Ryland are interspresed throughout the book, hinting at dangerous plans the fey have in store for Phoebe. Should she be held responsible for a centuries-old debt? Is Mallory truly her friend or has she merely been playing a role to lure Phoebe to her doom? And why does Ryland tell Phoebe he loves her even as he encourages her to doubt herself and admit that she isn't anything special at all?

Extraordinary is the compelling new novel by Nancy Werlin. I am not generally a huge fan of books about the faerie, but this book drew me in with masterful storytelling and beautiful language. The suspense of this tale kept me up far too late. Happily, the endng was satisying and strong. Recommended even for those readers who aren't usually drawn to fantasy of this ilk.

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