23 January 2011

Halfway there!

Hard to believe that I'm 20 weeks along. That means that tomorrow, I will be *more* than halfway through this pregnancy. This amazes me. And makes me think we'd better get moving as far as painting, etc. So, the update...

1. How Far Along?
20 weeks today.

2. Boy/Girl/Names?
Perhaps I will delete this question next week since the answer remains the same: Still calling the Baby "Tex." We're discussing "real" names, but will likely not share until we introduce the Baby to everyone.

3. Appts coming up?
The Level II ultrasound/anatomy can is a little less than 2 weeks away, on 3 February.

4. Thoughts about where you're at in your pregnancy?
Halfway! That seems crazy to me!

5. What are you working on?
Spent hours making a list of things we want to add to the registry and deciding what version of each item. God bless the Baby Bargains book!

6. Complaints or worries?
Nothing new. Hips still hurt when sleeping. Worried I may be gaining too much weight. The usual relying on faith to know all is well with Tex...

7. Cravings?
I am sure no one is suprised to hear: pizza. And blueberries. And grapefruit juice.

8. Happy moments/blessings?
Fantastic news that a friend's health scare was just a scare. Spent last Friday with Gram, which is always a blessing. She told me to order the changing pad we wanted and she will give it to us for a shower. Yay! Finally got a haircut. Bought a supercute guitar patterned onesie on cleaance that made my Sweetheart smile. Breakfast with R this morning at Medici and then browsing at 57th Street Books with her for a few hours. Except for the Bears' loss tonight, it's been a really good week.

9. Any fun things coming up?
My Sweetheart will be home for four days starting Tuesday, which is always a treat. Still haven't made it to the Belly Factory, so may try to do that. I would love a "pajama day," but don't see that in the immediate future.

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