15 November 2003

Bitch & Moan

I am at my part-time job today. I love the Circ staff here, but sometimes...

There are multiple Circ people here today and still they have a long line because only one of them is actually at Circ. So, I finally end up at Circ myself, helping to check people out and to get patrons their books quickly so they can leave happily. I do not mind that at all. I am glad I had to work Circ sometimes at other libraries so I can help.


But then, the one other Circ person up there starts telling people that I will help them with Reference questions. Right. At. That. Very. Moment.

I explain that I will be back at Ref in just a minute. The patrons are nice. They understand. They see me trying to help them and they appreciate that. But my Circ friend keeps telling them I will answer their questions. Right Away.


Okay. So, I get the line of waiting patrons finished, send them on their merry way. Then I run back to reference, where the patrons are wonderful and patient and I solve all their problems like Wonder Woman. FINALLY, time to breathe. But then, Circ starts transferring calls to me that aren't really reference, people asking what time we close and what our address is.

So, I take a deep yoga breath, answer their questions, and do not go throttle my Circ pals.

But I want to.

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