16 November 2003



Got home about half an hour ago from my night out with pals from previous job. I miss them all a great deal, but not neccessarily all the stress that job caused. I do miss all "my" kids there, though.

I haven't had that much beer since... heck, I don't know when. Maybe 2 or 3 years? ANYway... had a fabulous time, but had to stop at the grocery store on the way home. Made a cake for my uncle's 50th birthday (tomorrow). Now just have to wait for the darned thing to finish baking (only another 45 minutes) before I can go to sleep. I'm ready to doze off now. Morpheus keeps cuddling up to me and whispering his siren song in my ear, but I'll have to hold him off just a smidge longer.

Then, tomorrow, I will have to get up extra early to make a pecan pie (mine uncle's official gift from me), because there's absolutely no way that's gonna happen before bed...

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