24 November 2003

Three years ago today...

...my amazing nephew was born. Unfortunately for me, he lives far away, and so I had to content myself with a phone call. I haven't seen him for several months, so it was a lovely surprise that after I identified myself as "aunt Katharine" he said, "Hi, Katharine!" I know it is ever so syrupy to gush so, but I was pleased that he can say my name! Yay! We had quite a nice little chat (especially considering he is only 3 and doesn't see me much), during which I learned that he is getting a Buzz Lightyear birthday cake, that his baby sister cries a lot (until Mommy feeds her), that it isn't snowing where he lives, and that he still likes Max and his Wild Things.

Happy birthday, dearest Buddha Baby. I hope this year ahead is your most amazing yet. Remember always that your auntie loves you!

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