18 November 2003

A Library 'blog I'm loving

I know there are a number of 'blogs by librarians out there. I looked over a few before I decided to do this one. Most of them are funny and smart and left me feeling like I probably do not want to be compared to any of them, since I'd be found lacking. I haven't had the time to read any of them in depth, though.


Ref Grunt captivates me in some strange way. Maybe because I recognize it as true. Maybe because it seems like such a fascinating project, to keep track of the questions we're asked in that way. It would probably be immensely useful in helping us to pin down exactly what our patrons want. (Or at least what they think they want. I guess anyone who's ever worked the desk knows that often a few questions from a wise librarian can uncover what the patron is really looking for.) I look forward to reading Ref Grunt, so I suggest that you click on over there with all haste to see what the fuss is about.

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